Come Join Us On This Side Of Awesomeness!

My Box Come Join Us On This Side Of Awesomeness!

CrossFit Domination is a personal training studio. Every time you come in the gym you will be coached and unlike most gyms, we REQUIRE that you work with a coach because quality coaching helps you get better results and prevents injury.

You can start right in on our OnRamp Program or try a First Workout.

First workout:

Your first workout is no charge. We will explain the CrossFit fitness concepts; teach you some skills, and then put you through a WOD (workout of the day) scaled to your fitness level.

Your next step after the First Workout is OnRamp. This consists of one, 1.5-2 hour semi-private class in which there will be lecture on the principles of the CrossFit program, verbal and hands on demonstration on each of the four foundational movements, and a full workout designed around the specific movements that were taught. These sessions are used to familiarize you with the equipment, movements, and stimulus we use in CrossFit training. This class is MANDATORY (unless you are coming from another box, in which we would need proof from the owner that you were a member) because SAFETY is our #1 priority.

The foundation of our CrossFit community is scheduled group training called “WOD” classes. These may only be attended once the OnRamp program is completed.

We have classes 6 days a week.


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